About us


Our parents are survivors of the Khmer Rouge, they suffered torture, forced labor, and frequent loss but eventually made it to America where they married and had 3 children. But in the jungles of Cambodia, kratom naturally grew in abundance and was used to make homemade herbal remedies. They would chew on a fresh leaf, or dry it to make a tea which was used to alleviate pain, keep them calm, and uplift their spirits.

Since the kratom plant helped them push through their tireless work, aches, and pains our parents have given this plant to loved ones and friends and to help them stay off of strong pharmaceuticals, to help with ailments from anxiety to extreme back pain. We made this company for my parents, so they can share this plant and help more people.



Our kratom is testing at exceptional alkaloid contents, between 1.4 and 1.9%; which is why we say, less is more. We employ thorough testing for molds and contaminants such as salmonella, to ensure the safety of our customers. 

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All of our kratom is double lab tested for contaminants and purity.

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